Business Advice


We give business advice to organisations and individuals for various requirements for e.g. business setup, business development, international venture, etc. and our clients are often left satisfied with every interaction.

Skills And Education


We have a team which can provide the necessary skills and education to train businesses. Trainers include certified staff with good administrative, financial and leadership skills that will help younger individual to enhance their entrepreneurial spirit.

Liaison Services For Opening Of Foreign Companies In India


With India possessing vast natural and human resources, and being among the fastest growing nations in the world, it provides immense opportunities for foreign companies to grow and diversify their business. We provide all the guidance you need to open a branch / liaison / project office in India or start a business in India.

Land consulting and aqusition


Advice on every aspect pertaining to land namely, the environment, surroundings, state policies, geography, location, future plans, etc. will be provided.


Business Events And Seminars


We will run conferences, seminars, networking events, talks that can help UK and Indian businesses, understand the respective markets, learn and meet people who are ready to engage and conduct business.

Linking Businesses


We also provide a platform so that business can meet each other for opportunities that arise in the future. Businesses that are looking to setup in India and vice versa to the UK or European country, we can provide necessary help to achieve this.

Project Conceptualization


We analyze and help you understand the politics, the people, the land, the opportunities and challenges around turning a vision into a tangible development.

FEMA & FDI Advisory


India currently is one of the leading investment destinations and allows a liberal regime in majority of sectors. However, the political regime is quite sensitive about investment in certain sectors and, therefore, a careful analysis of foreign investment policy pertaining to the identified sector is quite imperative. Similarly, the selection of tight mode and country of investment is also equally important for both short term and long term tax implications.


We will guide on on all aspects related to FEMA & FDI for both inbound & outbound investments. We will help you in structuring transactions in most judicious & prudent manner.

& MORE..

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ONS Convention Limited realizes that in order to meet client's challenges and expectations successfully in a global economy, having an array of class leading services and experience available at a moment’s notice is very crucial. We aim at delivering powerful solutions in the following service areas:

Opening Of Offices Abroad For Indian Companies


We understand the benefit of expansion and will guide you in widening your trading and manufacturing activities as well as bringing more opportunities and opening unexplored avenues to help you achieve your goals.