At ONS Convention Ltd. our global business advisors will provide you the  solutions to complex challenges and opportunities with setting up companies in India, Europe, UK and around the world. We highly value our clients and with our unique expertise and commitments, we deliver solutions to best suit your needs.

Strategically develop an internationally recognized and honoured firm that consistently meets and exceeds client expectations via our array of value added services.


Piyush Gohil

Founder & CEO

The ONS Convention Ltd. and its business and trade functions are managed single handed by the Founder Director - Piyush Gohil who has twenty years’ extensive international trade experience especially with India, the United Kingdom and other European countries. The main focus is to engage Asian enterprises and the wider business community of the United Kingdom with India though promoting business-to-business contacts, partnerships and collaborations for business pre-eminence. Under the UK governments “localism agenda and further enhancing close links with India”, Piyush works with a number of agencies, local authorities and banks to establish an international trade centre that can provide dedicated support to further enhance bilateral trade between SME’s, especially manufacturing enterprises in the UK and India. Piyush strongly believes that UK is one of the best places in the world to do business, especially amongst the manufacturing small and medium size businesses.


Piyush holds post graduate degrees in Finance & Accounting along with Human Resource management and currently lives in London.

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